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The Angular Local Storage Module is meant to be a plug-and-play Angular module for accessing the browsers Local Storage API.

Angular Local Storage offers you access to the browser local storage API through Angular but also allows has the following features:


JS Example
var YourCtrl = function($scope, localStorageService, ...) {
  // To add to local storage
  localStorageService.set('localStorageKey','Add this!');
  // Read that value back
  var value = localStorageService.get('localStorageKey');
  // To remove a local storage
  // Removes all local storage
  // You can also play with cookies the same way
  localStorageService.cookie.set('localStorageKey','I am a cookie value now');

API Access

Call Arguments Action Returns
isSupported n/a Checks the browsers support for local storage Boolean for success
set key, value Adds a key-value pair to the browser local storage Boolean for success
get key Gets a value from local storage Stored value
remove key, ... Removes a key-value pairs from the browser local storage n/a
clearAll n/a Warning Removes all local storage key-value pairs for this app. It will optionally take a string, which is converted to a regular expression, and then clears keys based on that regular expression. Boolean for success
cookie set | get | remove | clearAll Each function within cookie uses the same arguments as the coresponding local storage functions n/a